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About Camden Fires

Camden Fires and Pine is a family run business, established in 1972. Our warehouse is based in Newcastle Upon Tyne – North Shields (close to the mouth of the River Tyne) in North East England. We sell and do installation of a large range of Gas, Electric, Wood burning and Multi & Solid fuel fires and stoves with many on live display in our warehouse showrooms, in addition, we stock hearth, marble fireplace sets and fire surrounds at competitive prices, also we sell a large range of quality furniture for your kitchen, living room, dining room and bedroom much of which can be seen on display at our showroom.

Some of the brands of fireplaces we stock:

Chilli Penguin

Check out our huge range of chilli penguin fireplaces.

Arbeia Stove Range

The Juno 5 stove, allows for the maximum possible viewing area.

Gazco Range

For those who desire a more contemporary/modern look.

Integra Range

Stay warm this winter this this trusty stove.

Stovax Range

One of the biggest brands in the UK in your living room to keep you warm this winter.

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Find The Best Fireplaces That Newcastle Has To Offer

Contemporary houses are now equipped with a modern day heating system. However, it does not mean that traditional heating systems have become obsolete. In fact, there is an increasing demand for log burners and greener energy sources.

Being experts in the field since 1972, we are well equipped to handle all your fitting needs. A fireplace is a good heating system alternative, not to mention that aesthetic value it gives your home. However, if you are still planning to build your own, you should conduct your research into what type would best suit your needs. Our specialist team of trained engineers can help to get your multi-fuel burning stove, hearth’s & other traditional heating systems in place.



Fireplace Installation Services


We offer fireplace installation services across Newcastle and our qualified team of experts specialise in ensuring your home is safe, which is the priority when it comes to making sure its fitted by the right people. Although it might look like a simple task to purchase a fire and pop it in front of an open hearth the truth is there are a lot of health and safety factors to be taken into account.

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Checking Your Chimney

Before fireplace installation your chimney will need to be inspected. If you had a coal fire previously it may need cleaning, so contact a local chimney sweep, and to save having to contact one our team of specialists can do that for you. In many cases we will fit a brand new chimney liner to ensure an air tight seal between the heat unit and outside air flow. This is really important as I am sure you will agree you don’t want to have smoke seeping into your room.

Please also ensure you have a carbon monoxide monitor in your home, you can read all about the effects of carbon monoxide.


The Types of Fireplaces

  • Wood burning
  • Gas
  • Coal
  • Electric
  • Ethanol

Choosing the right one for your home can be difficult. We will be adding more content to these pages in the future so hopefully making the right decision for you and your family will be made easy.

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