Best Type of Fireplaces For Your Home

Chilli Penguin Fireplaces

Chilli Penguin Fireplaces

Fireplaces are used to contain fire used for heating usually by the chimney or any exhaust where gas can escape. Most homes have fireplaces as it provides warmth and it gives off a relaxing, tranquil, and romantic vibe. The crackling sounds of the log burning is even soothing to the ears.

If you’re planning to add a fireplace to your home, be informed that there are different types of fireplace and choosing the best type of fireplace for your home can make all the difference in the world. Selecting a fireplace is not as easy as it sounds, so you need all the information you can get to get the best fireplace for your wants and needs.

The traditional fireplace is fueled by logs of wood. This is the typical fireplace we hear and see and picture in our minds every time we hear the word fireplace. There’s a main burning area, a vent, and a chimney. You place the logs in the burning area, light it up, and the air is warmed up because of the burning wood. The air circulates in the vent and the chimney is where it expels the smoke produced by the burning of wood.

This kind of fireplace is expensive and requires major construction work for the installation. But, a lot of people still go for this type of fireplace because of its rustic and traditional value, and its flames provide a soothing, warm, and cozy atmosphere. Furthermore, this fireplace is designed to complement all kinds of home designs. However, you have to know that many environmentalists have warned us about the hazards of these fireplaces. The primary concern is the wood, which is a fast-depleting natural resource in these times. Scientists are also concerned about the toxic fumes that insufficiently burnt wood can produce.

A stone fireplace is perfect if you want a fireplace that will perfectly suit indoors and outdoors. It provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Granite, marble, limestone, and other natural stones are used in making this kind of fireplace.

A brick fireplace offers a classic style and elegance into your home. It has an added advantage of energy efficiency and less maintenance.

The gas fireplace is fueled by gas such as propane. They are connected to the gas supply that is directly from the house. Otherwise, it is connected to a separate gas tank of their own. This fireplace does not produce the crackling sound of the burning wood like in a traditional fireplace.

Propane and its products of combustion are nontoxic, therefore a safe fireplace to have in a house. Modern versions of gas fireplaces have a thermostat to maintain a particular temperature of the heat it gives off.

Electric fireplaces are the modern types of fireplaces. As the name suggests, it runs on electricity. It does give off flames, but it can be digitized to make it look like a traditional fireplace. These fireplaces are portable, no need for major construction for the installation, and no need for regular cleaning maintenance.

Think about the safety of your family and home and your needs in selecting a fireplace. If you want to check out more different types of fireplaces read our post on finding the best fireplaces Newcastle has to offer.

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