The Best Way To Set Up A Fireplace


Small things that you add to your fireplace and setting it up properly and nicely can make a huge difference. You can use fireplace sets to make it easier for you without the hassle of buying and searching things needed individually. It adds finishing touches to the basic fireplaces, as well as the elaborate ones, matching your room and the fireplace perfectly. They are also the perfect way to incorporate both style and function in your room giving it a cozy, homey, tranquil, and warm feeling. The crackling and smell of the wood burning help set the relaxing and romantic mood. Setting up your fireplace perfectly can achieve just that.

You will need a fireplace screen, which is the most important part of the fireplace. It is what separates you and the fire. You can choose from different colors, styles, and sizes to match your room.

Don’t forget your fireplace tools as you need them to tend the fire and clean up after. Your tools consist of a poker to poke the fire so the logs burn evenly, tongs to pick up burning logs in case it rolls off the fire as well as place a new log instead of just dropping it onto the fire., a broom and a shovel to clean up the ashes, and a stand to place all your tools in. The broom should have stiff bristles that can sweep up the ash effectively. Give importance to the stand as it goes a long way in complementing the décor of the room, like ornate stands are great for a more traditional room.

You also need a log rack or basket so you have a place to arrange the unused logs on the hearth. You can choose from different styles and colors to match your screen and room. Sometimes, log racks include a carrier where you can place the logs in a tote and carry them by the handle instead of balancing the logs in your arms.

A fireplace grate is also important for your fireplace. It allows the fire to burn at peak efficiency by elevating the logs to allow airflow which causes the fire to burn hot. Hot fire = more heat, less pollution because the fire is cleaner, and less creosote in your chimney.

Aside from the fireplace grate, andirons elevate the logs to assist in burning, but they don’t contain them as well as the fireplace grate. But, they are definitely more stylish than the grate. You can use them both together or you can use just one.

You can complete your fireplace by adding more accessories like bellows, match holders, hearth rugs, candelabra, and many more accessories.  You can use the “three plus one” technique interior decorators like to use to bring out a fireplace. So you put three related, similar but not exact objects, on one side of the fireplace’s mantel, and put a larger object on the other side of the mantel.

Make sure that all the pieces that you put together complement each other and the room as well serve your need of heat and safety.

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