The Benefits of Installing Hole in Wall Fireplaces

They have a more contemporary look. Despite this, they have been in existence for quite a number of years. They have become even more popular in the past few years because of the way they are installed. In the olden days, the fireplaces made it necessary for the mounting of a hearth to be done. Presently, various designs which have been tested and officially approved can be fitted without a hearth.

During the process of selecting a hole in wall fireplace, it is vital to take into account the intensity and output of heat you need. A provider like Camden Fireplaces & Pine Ltd. will be capable of meeting your specific requirements even if you intend to use the fireplace as an alternative heat source along with your central heating. A hole in wall fireplace or wall fireplace is a perfect solution if you have limited space in your residence or if you have no preference for the traditional surrounding hearth. A wall fireplace provides sophistication to cosy living rooms thus making them a fantastic alternative.

Most of them are positioned between three and five feet above the floor on a wall and for this reason, they free up lots of valuable space. The application of modern styling and design is very impressive. They make a statement when installed in a room and enhance feel too. This makes them suitable both for modern as well as conventional homes.

Designs and prices often vary greatly. There are different kinds of fireplaces, finishes and fuel types to pick from. Materials most commonly used for hole in wall fireplaces include marble, granite, corian, metal plus stone with polished or brushed steel. They additionally vary in shapes and sizes and a company such as Camden Fireplaces & Pine Ltd. can provide you an option which is made to fit your fireplace.

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