Should I Choose a Multi-fuel Stove?

Many of our stoves are available in both multi-fuel and dedicated wood burning versions. We’ve put together this quick rundown to explain how a multi-fuel stove is different from a dedicated wood burner and the benefits of having a fuel-flexible stove.

What makes a multi-fuel stove different to a dedicated wood burning stove?

Multi-fuel stoves allow you to burn a choice of different fuels. They can burn logs just like a dedicated wood burning stove. But unlike a pure woodburner, they can also burn smokeless mineral fuels when required.

Logs and smokeless mineral fuels combust in different ways and at different temperatures, so multi-fuel stoves need a versatile firebox to allow them to burn either fuel with high efficiency.

Wood burns best on a bed of hot ash, with combustion air igniting the gases in the flames above. Smokeless mineral fuels, on the other hand, need combustion air beneath them to burn effectively.

To create optimum burning conditions, multi-fuel stoves have a riddling grate at the bottom of the firebox. The stove’s riddling grate allows air to circulate beneath mineral fuels for a high-efficiency burn. On some multi-fuel stoves such as the Chesterfield 5, Stockton 5, and Vogue Midi, the riddling grate can be moved back and forth using an external control to allow ash to drop into the ash pan below for easy cleaning.

To find out more about the best types of fuel to burn on your wood burning or multi-fuel stove, take a look at our fuel guide.

Burn either fuel type with high efficiency

As well as authorised smokeless mineral fuels, our huge range of Ecodesign Ready multi-fuel stoves can also burn wood with exceptionally low emissions. Many are also suitable for DEFRA Smoke Control Zones, meaning they can burn either fuel type in even the most urban of homes.

The benefits of a multi-fuel stove

Being able to burn wood or mineral fuels has its advantages. Smokeless mineral fuels have a higher calorific value than wood, so you get more heat per bag of fuel. In smaller dwellings, such as cabins, lodges, or houseboats, where there is limited storage space, having the option to burn smokeless mineral fuels can be particularly useful. If you are looking for a compact stove to suit a small space check out our small stove guide.

If you plan to burn only wood, then you may decide a dedicated wood burning stove is more than enough for your needs. But whichever you choose – styling won’t hold you back. Many of our modern and traditionally styled stoves are available in both wood burning and multi-fuel versions so you can pick the right stove for your décor.
Where can I find out more information about Stovax multi-fuel stoves?

Your local Stovax retailer will be able to answer any questions you have regarding either our wood burning or multi-fuel stoves. They will also be able to show you many Stovax models burning, so you can truly appreciate their stunning flames, responsive controls, and high-quality construction.

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