What Fireplaces Are Designed For Small Spaces

Though most of the contemporary homes are equipped with different heating system to keep the home warm for winter season, fireplaces remain to be in high demand. A fireplace can give your home cozy and romantic ambience on snowy days, which could be perfect for a romantic evening with your loved one. Before, you would need to live in a spacious house to have a fireplace, but modern technology has made it possible for small homes, apartments, and condominium units to have a fireplace installed. If you are one of the many people dreaming of having a fireplace in your small home, here are the types of fireplaces that you can install: Virtual or Digital fireplaces, Wall-mounted fireplaces, Compact fireplaces, or Tabletop fireplaces.

Virtual or Digital Fireplaces

As obvious as it sounds; virtual or digital fireplaces basically come as a DVD, which you can play on your computer or TV. This will loop around giving you a continuous feel of a crackling fire. This will continue to loop until you turn the DVD off. You may not be able to feel the heat that a traditional fireplace gives, but you will have a realistic illusion of a burning fireplace. All you need for this is a DVD player and monitor attached to it.

Wall-mounted Fireplaces

This type of fireplace will not eat up your floor space. You can easily mount it up on your wall, saving you some living space in your small home. This type of fireplace may not suit for homes with traditional décor as it only comes with a contemporary look. However, with various developments and further research, finding a traditional wall-mounted fireplace is not so far from reality.

Compact Fireplaces

Compact fireplaces are generally 25-35 inches wide, which is lesser than the traditional fireplace of 40-50 inches. This surely is good for small houses, apartments or condominium units. It does not eat up as much space as a traditional fireplace. This type of fireplace also comes with different designs and styles. You can always mix and match with compact fireplaces.

Tabletop Fireplaces

Nothing beats the uniqueness of a tabletop fireplace. If a wall-mounted or compact fireplace would not fit your home, you can always opt for out of the ordinary fireplace in the form of tabletop fireplace. This is one way for you to let your fun side.

You will find out while shopping that these types of fireplaces would only need electricity or gel fuel to start up. A gel fuel is enough to keep your home warm for three hours. A gel fuel case comes with 24 gel fuel, which means that you can enjoy a warm home up to 72 hours. On the one hand, if your fireplace is fueled by electricity, there is no time limit. Either way, you are assured that you will have a warm home for cold winter nights.

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