5 Top tips and advice when buying fires and fireplaces

Our number one ‘top tip’ is simply to contact us! We’re here to help and can take care of everything, from a site survey and advising on the most suitable fuel source, through to design and installation.

  1. Identify the main purpose of your Fireplace
    Is is purely aesthetics, heat, efficiency, or perhaps all three? By deciding on this you will be able to narrow your options.
  2. View the fireplace in use
    It’s a common mistake, especially when buying a fireplace online. Make sure you see what your fireplace looks like when its in use. This is really important for electric fireplaces. Fireplaces can look very different when in use and the ambience they create can vary a lot
  3. Understand what type of fireplace fuel is available to you

    Your options include; Natural Gas, Wood, Pellets and of course Electricity. All of these options will impact on aesthetics, usability and running costs. Many people opt for a real open fire or a multi fuel or log burning stove. However, there are many options now so that you can create the ambience of a real fire, through alternatively fuelled fires.
  4. Visualise your fireplace
    Share your vision with us, or with the designers at your local fireplace showroom. You won’t have all the answers, but we will be able to handle all the technical issues to ensure your vision is realised. Often it helps to bring wallpaper samples and take photographs of your room to show us.
  5.  Take a few measurements
    A key factor in choosing a fireplace is to get the fire surround size right. We see many cases where the surround is too big and it overpowers the room. Often the size of the opening will determine the size of the fire you can choose. Camden are able to manage structural alterations if needed.

Please contact our team for more information on buying a fireplace. Call 0191 258 1027

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