Advice when buying a Wood Burning Stove

Nothing beats the smell of a burning fire and the atmosphere it creates. A wood-burning stove is often a focal point of your room and these days the stoves are so efficient they can even save you money on heating.

So what is a wood burning stove?

As you would expect it’s a fireplace that generates heat through burning wood fuel and  wood derived biomass. Log burning that are the eco-friendly models produce more heat than raditional fireplaces and put less smoke into the atmosphere. Modern wood burning stoves are not just limited to wood – you can now get multi-fuel stoves.

What to look for…

The Government has certification for stoves to ensure they meet green standards. These appliances are clearly labelled with an “ecodesign” sticker. This means they have improved air circulation so that they burn more cleanly.

What size to buy!

We measure Stove sizes by the mount of heat that is generated in kilowatts (kW). This ranges from 3kW to over 15kW.

To get the size right you can always contact us and our engineers will advise you. However, as a guide you can multiply the room’s height, width and length in metres, then divide it by 14.


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