How To Decorate Your Fireplace Candelabra

One way for you to maximize your fireplace in the warmer months is by decorating it with fireplace candelabrum. This will bring style to your once burning fireplace. And at some point, a candelabrum will bring warmth to your already cold fireplace. However, you don’t want to let your candelabra sit in your fireplace looking stale. If you want to know different tips and tricks on how to make this accessory more unique, you can read on.

1. Use Fabric. Your candelabra will not be lit all throughout the warmer months. In times when your candelabra are not lit, you can accessorize it with fabric to give it a little color. Find a fabric that matches the color and design of your home. Use the fabric to wrap the spindles of your candelabrum. Be creative, and don’t focus on neatness. Sometimes a fabric bunch or billow is very decorative and stylish to look at. Remember to tuck the edges in, and to remove the candles.
2. Use Different Colors of Candles. You can always play with your candles, and use different colors for different occasions. This is an old and easy trick, which is always effective. Use green or pink candles for the spring months, yellow or orange candles for summer, and red or golden candles for Christmas.
3. Use Different Sizes. You can give your candelabra a designer look by simply using different shapes and sizes of candles. You can use column candles in the back, and globe candles in front. You might want to try using tea candles to give your candelabra a different look. Experiment on sizes and shape and see which looks good on your candelabra.
4. Place Your Candelabra Outside. Your fireplace candelabra do not have to stay in your fireplace the whole time. You can use it as a centerpiece on your table. If you have small candelabra, you can use it to decorate your long picnic table.
5. Place It On Your Mantel. Users of gas fireplaces or electric fireplaces, you can place your fireplace candelabra on the mantel. This is one classic way of decorating your fireplace, if you do not wish to remove the fake logs of your fireplace. You may have to find small fireplace candelabra or candelabra designed for fireplaces with zero clearance.
6. Place It On Your Hearth. If your fireplace does not have a mantel, you can place your candelabra on the hearth. You can accessorize it with something green during spring, or fall leaves in autumn. Pine needles and cones would look good around your candelabra in winter.
7. Use It As A Centerpiece On Your Dining Table. You don’t have to have a fireplace to have fireplace candelabra. A candelabrum or a couple would be a good dining table centerpiece. This is also one good place to put your candelabra when your fireplace is in use during the winter.
8. Use Scented Candles. If you want to create relaxing and calm atmosphere in your home, you can use scented candles. You can use candles with the scent of vanilla or lavender. To create a romantic mood for the night, you can use candles with the scent of jasmine or sandalwood. A little aromatherapy can help enhance or induce any mood that you like.
9. Use A Mirror To Accentuate The Light From Your Candelabra. This is an easy trick that really works. You can place a framed or unframed mirror at the back of your firebox to reflect the light coming from the candles on your candelabra. This will create a beautiful illusion of many candles lit in your fireplace
10. Use Glass Beads. To give your candelabra a romantic effect, you can spread beads under your candelabra, which will reflect the light and produce millions of flickering romantic light in the room. You can drop by a craft store, and find glass beads that fit your home décor and style. This will give your fireplace and candelabra a dramatic effect, not to mention romantic.

These ideas will help create a different mood and feel during your warmer months. You don’t want your fireplace to sit idly during spring, summer, or autumn because you can’t build a fire in warmer months. Use your imagination. Have fun in coming up with different ideas, and give your fireplace and candelabra a different look each season.

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