How A Glass Door Can Improve The Efficiency Of Your Fireplace

A fireplace is built primarily to produce heat during winter months. However, if your fireplace is not producing enough heat, its purpose is defeated. Improving the heat production of your fireplace does not require a miracle for it to happen. All you have to do is check the tools or materials used in your fireplace. You may also need to add some accessories for your fireplace to burn efficiently and produce a good amount of heat.

The first thing you need to check is the type of fuel that you are using. For wood burning fireplaces, you have to make sure that you are using quality logs for your fireplace. It is important that you use dry logs for your fireplace to produce good fire and efficient heat for an entire night. However, using quality wood may not be enough to produce an efficient amount of heat during the winter season. Your logs are dry enough to burn efficiently and to produce enough heat, yet you don’t feel warm enough in winter. In this situation, you may need to acquire an accessory for your fireplace so the heat from your burning logs will be distributed efficiently. Drop by the store and acquire a glass door for your fireplace.

A glass door does not only provide your home safety, and keep curious little hands from burning, but it also helps improve the efficiency of your fireplace with at least 25%. You may think that the glass doors will keep the heat in the fireplace, but this is not the case. The heat coming from your fireplace will still radiate through the glass doors even when closed. However, you can also keep the glass doors open leaving the protective screen close to keep astray logs from damaging the exposed areas near the fireplace. This way, you can still enjoy the warmth of your fireplace without worrying about any splinter.

The efficiency of the fireplace using outside air or make up air to burn can be enhanced with a glass door installation. This time, instead of opening the glass door, you can keep it shut. You can leave the protective screen open this time, as well. Closing the glass door would keep the fireplace from not losing make up air. This will surely keep the fire burning in your fireplace, and produce enough heat for the night. Moreover, glass door is also helpful in keeping the heat energy from going up your chimney. You may not notice it, but one factor that affects the efficiency of your fireplace is your damper. A damper that is not airtight would lead the heat from your fireplace up to your chimney. With a glass door installed in your fireplace, this can be prevented. A glass door will keep your fireplace airtight, and will not allow the heat from your fireplace to go to waste.

This is how a simple addition can make your fireplace more efficient in producing heat. If you don’t have a glass door yet, you may have to drop by the store to acquire one to prepare for the colder nights of winter. It’s amazing how a simple glass door can make a lot of changes.

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