What Are The Popular Varieties Of Fireplaces In The Market

Fireplaces have since evolved from the traditional architecture of classic times. Today, there are numerous designs that you can install in your home. When you are ready, you can look into these five types of fireplaces popularly purchased by homeowners. Camden Fires offers some of the best fireplaces Newcastle has to offer and we won’t be beaten on service.

Wood Burning Fireplaces

A wood burning fireplace is either factory built inserts or masonry inserts. This type of fireplace is labor intensive, so you have to prepare to do a lot of work. Masonry inserts would need to be built out of fire bricks, clay chimney liners, cinder blocks, or stones, which is also dependent on the surround. If you decide to have masonry insert, you can expect to include hearth, grate, mantel, damper, and firebox on your plan.

Gas Burning Fireplaces

With modern technology, you can now purchase a gas burning fireplace, which come in different styles and design. You can surely find one that will suit your home décor and style. This type of fireplace can either be vent free, direct vent, and inserts. Vent free fireplaces are convenient if you want to place your fireplace in a room that does not have chimney access. You have to make sure though that your room is properly ventilated, so the oxygen needed to keep your fireplace burning is efficient. On the one hand, direct vent fireplaces uses air from the outside to induce combustion. This type of gas burning fireplace would need chimney access.

Pellet Fireplaces

If you want to stray from using traditional logs for your fireplace, you can always opt for a pellet fueled fireplace. This is becoming a popular alternative to the usual wood burning fireplace. If you have an old masonry installation in your home, you can replace it with a pellet burning insert. Pellet fireplaces are more efficient in providing heat than the traditional wood burning fireplaces.

Electric Fireplaces

A more modern alternative that you can find in the market today are fireplaces powered by electricity. You surely don’t need wood or pellet to keep the fireplace burning and keep your home warm.

Gel Fireplaces

This is another type of fireplace that is slowly gaining popularity in the market. This gives you the convenience of an electric fireplace combined with the natural heat from burning fire. This is becoming popular to users who want to feel the natural heat of burning fire, and the mobility of electric fireplaces.

These are the most popular types of fireplaces in the market for you. Whether you want a traditional look or the contemporary look, there is a fireplace suited for your home. You can have the traditional wood and gas burning fireplace or the convenience and mobility of electric fireplaces, or a combination of both.

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